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Gealbhan "Geal" Lon-Dubh
Anything you desire, he is willing to do... given the right price. Let yourself drown in sinful fantasies or be pampered by passionate love, lose your mind in sweet nothingness or discover a whole new side of yourself.Whatever you want, Tyash'to is all yours.
If you pay.


"Any secrets you wanna tell me about? Or any... fantasies I might help you fulfill? Just say the word, pay the price, and I'll be all yours for the night. After all, money rules the world, but lust is a close second, wouldn't you agree?"


Name: Tyash'to Welaronti (Ashto, Ash)
Race: Miqo'te, Keeper of the Moon
Gender: Male, he/him
Age: 28
Sexuality: pansexual, male leaning (don't hesitate though, I'm up for any gender!)Preference: Switch, but always in a teasing way! Let me know if you prefer something specific (Top/Bottom, Dom/Sub etc.)RP Style/Length: preferred Full Paragraphs, anything up to multiple hours goes! (will match your style though!)Enjoys: Power Struggles, Heavy Teasing, Degredation, Physical Restraints, Semi-Public, Pain, anything not mentioned under Hard Nos should be something I can see myself doing, and in general, I enjoy giving and receiving equally!Hard No: NSFW with Lalas or underaged Players/Characters, Racist Themes, Pregnancy, Beastiality, IncestLanguages: English, German

"Hm? You want me to do what?!
...h-how much are you paying...?"

Tyash'to is a Gridania-born Keeper of the Moon who tries to earn enough money to help out his big family: his mother and 6 (!) sisters.
Formerly a retainer, then turned adventurer, and while that's a hassle, he will keep up with it as long as it pays well enough.
Though any other (mostly legal) way to earn income will be considered as well, even those jobs others would see below themselves.
He wants to be free and go through life without having to worry about how his family can afford food, or a home.
...Not that he would ever disclose that to anyone. To a stranger, he will seem like a laidback, maybe even lazy or sleezy guy, a gold-digger who just lives for the moment and doesn't care about others. He takes what he can, and while it may look greedy, he doesn't keep much for himself.
Nonetheless, he wants to have fun and enjoy his time, and so he seeks out opportunities to just forget the world around him every now and then. Getting lost in music or alcohol— whatever it takes to get rid of worries for a night.

The Tyash'to described here, the version I present as a Dancer/Courtesan in the setting of a Nightclub/RP/ERP, is very different from Tyash'to's "canon" lore.

"You wanna spend some time with me, hm..? I can't wait to find out what you have in store for me-!"


Free Of Charge:Casual Conversations (IC and OOC):
Answering Questions about the Venue, Booking, Nightlife in general, slight Flirting, Small Talk, etc.
Paid:Casual Roleplay:
Dancing, Drinking, Flirting, Cuddling, SFW Massages, Boyfriend Experience, etc.
Erotic Roleplay:
Striptease, Lapdance, NSFW Massages, Bath Assistant, Soft Sex, BDSM (including more "extreme" kinks), etc.

You can book me for Groups or 1-on-1, but also as a Single Performer, for example for a Live Show or an Erotic Dance Performance!Newcomers to Roleplaying or Vanilla Players are more than welcome!I am always open to questions about Bookings or Roleplay in general and would love to help you try it out.You have any wishes or ideas? Let me know!Icons:
Looking For Party: Offering NSFW Roleplay
Looking To Meld Materia: Offering SFW Roleplay
Role-Playing Tag: Feel Free To Approach!

might be different at specific Venues


Rules and Guidelines to be followed and agreed on if you decide to book me:Feel free to reach out to me to discuss any of this, free of charge, of course, and without obligation to book me!Prices:
Usually dictated by the venue, but I might add on to the base price depending on the content of the session, e.g. more "uncommon" or "extreme" kinks might cost you extra.
Outside of venues, prices depend on time, availability, and content.
I will ask for payment in advance and in case you want to book more time, I will need the payment before continuing.
In case we stop midway on my behalf (connection issues included), I will either pause the time, or reimburse the payment for the unused time.
In case we stop midway on your behalf (connection issues included), the time will be paused, but there will be no reimbursement in case we stop early. The session will be ended if you disconnect and don't return within 20 minutes without announcing anything beforehand, but can be picked back up later!
Anything discussed/played between us stays between me and you. I expect the same discretion from you.
By agreeing to book me, and paying me, you give me consent and confirm that you are of legal age (18+, and above the legal age in your respective country).
The most important thing is feeling safe and having fun.
Should that ever not be the case during a session, please tell me immediately!

Further Rules:
For any special wishes or any "extreme" content, "uncommon" kinks, or ideas you might want to implement, please discuss them with me before booking.
I am not looking for anything Out-Of-Character.I am not looking for long-term Roleplays, but if you book me again, we can gladly continue our last session!I reserve the right to decline anything or stop without explanation, if already paid for, I will reimburse.

to be added on as necessary